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You will find here 2 code snippets I find useful so I don't have to Google ™ or Stackoverflow ™ them when I need. There are also code snippets I always forget! 😁 Sometimes, related links to the code will be available. The main difference with other random snippets you will find on the web is that in most cases (for the Symfony related ones) you will be able to run them directly from this website to check the output so you can verify it works as expected ™.

This a very useful hook to initialize some stuff once your Vue.js component has been mounted. Open y...

Published on 2019-10-05 • Modified on 2019-10-05

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When buidling a form, sometimes you want a field to be rendered with the help of Vue.js instead of S...

Published on 2019-06-12 • Modified on 2019-06-12

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